Club Outline

If the Automotive world is truly a passion for you then welcome to UNRIVALED!

This group is unique in every way. Our goal is to provide an automotive scene where good people and true enthusiasts are welcome. Where members truly have an influence to mold our club into perfection.

Come out to one of our many public events/meets, such as Cars and Coffee. If you love our group and the way we operate talk to one of our members about joining.

We continuously look for sponsors, models, photographers, unique rides, and quality meet locations. If you or your business is looking to add something unique and friendly message us to organize something to benefit us both.

We support other local groups. If you have a true passion for the automotive scene and your already a part of a group, hit us up to organize a dual meet!

be sure to like us here on Facebook as well as our Instagram and Youtube channel.


below is a basic list of club rules and how to get in as a member.

the club is broken up into three titles: Associate, Prospect, and Member


As an associate you are entitled to roll with the club on events posted in the group chat you will not advertise any MEMBER logos in any form. As an associate you are not considered a member or prospect so your opinion on club matters will not be considered unless specifically asked by the chapter lead. As an associate you can "card" people but do not have the power to add anyone to the group as an associate (you may add to group chats because the chapter lead will approve it). The only people allowed to add associates or prospects are the chapter lead or VP. Associates goal should be to attend as many events as possible and support the club in any way they can to obtain the status of "prospect". prospects and associates will not split members when parking at shows.


To become a prospect you must be sponsored by an active member of unrivaled. After finding a sponsor your sponsor will submit you to the chapter lead who will then add you as a prospect. As a prospect you are on your "trial period" during this time the members will keep a close eye on you and decide when you have proven yourself worth to be officially voted in as a member. at this time you will be added to the members group chat but you will not vote on any member specific votes. you will be allowed to come to all of the private members meets. If you are caught with another club other than specific brand or type such as WRX only or Subaru only you will be dropped entirely from the club. Your opinions will start to be taken under consideration by members on some club matters. As a prospect you can still "card" people but again you yourself can not add an associate or prospect (you can add to group chats because the chapter lead will approve). Only the chapter lead or VP can approve a new associate or prospect. Dues at this level are $5 per month to be paid to the appointed treasure. Members of Legion car club may immediately become prospects but will be held to the same standard as all other prospects. prospects and associates will not split members when parking at shows. If you do not have a vehicle or the vehicle you do have is not in working condition for longer than three months you will be demoted to associate.


To become a member you will approach your sponsor and tell them you believe you are ready for vote. Your sponsor will then notify the chapter lead that they are sponsoring your vote (if they agree you are ready) at which time the vote will be conducted. Members are all entitled to an equal vote along with all other members for club matters. Members WILL rock the approved club sticker in its entirety or will be considered "inactive" (defined below). Members can have assigned duties pushed down by chapter leads. These duties are not a requirement they are asked it is up to you if you want to accept. If you are no longer able to do your duties you may temporarily assign another member (up to 3months), or tell the club lead to find another member. Dues at this level are $10 to be paid to the assigned treasure. If you have an idea or a possible sponsor you want bring up take it to the chapter lead and he will initiate an internal vote if he does not agree with your idea and you cant come to compromise message other members once 3 or more members agree the chapter lead must initiate a vote. You are a symbol and a representation of this club so be the standard. Failure to not follow procedures and this organization can result in your chapter lead suspending you and possible vote for removal. the only requirement for the member sticker is the name of the chapter must stay the same, and no changes to the unrivaled logo. the sticker color will be chosen by the member. Numbers must be displayed in the appropriate color and must remain the same font club wide. there can be no more than 3 placement options for the member sticker (voted internally), and the member sticker must display the logo and name of that chapter along with member number. member ranks are as follows rank will be displayed with club member number (should be displayed in a separate section of the car) the color of your member number determines rank.If you do not have a vehicle or the vehicle you do have is not in working condition for longer than three months you will be demoted to prospect.


Elite(blue): voted in first time at chapter level and first time vote on club level

Gold: voted in first time at club level

Silver: voted in after 2 or 3 club votes

Savage(red): any car club member that converts to UNRIVALED

White: prospected the maximum time and did not pass 3 club votes but the chapter vote score improved

"Original" can be displayed along with the member number for the first 50 club members
As well as member number 69

Only the following positions can be displayed with the club representation (goes with club banner)
Club lead
Chapter lead
Original (with club member number)

Members are also allowed to display how many years they have been with the club. This is done by placing a line underneath the member number in a checkered pattern. Each year you get a new line you will slowly begin to build a checkered flag. 

Anyone is allowed to immediately become a member if the club lead only! blesses off on it.


If there is not a chapter near you to be an associate or prospect contact the club lead Joshua hasting and you will be put up for chapter vote in another chapter, then club vote following chapter approval.

New chapters will only be approved by the club lead. When a member attempts to start a new chapter they may only do so after having 5 total members in that area before being counted as a chapter, or being able to rock their club name in any manner. New Chapters have 5 months to add a minimum of 5 prospects and club level vote on at least 1 of those prospects. New Chapters have 1 year to become established (5 members) or the chapter and the chapter lead will be considered as inactive. Dues will not be collected until the chapter is established. Chapter leads are assigned by the club lead, V.P. for each chapters are assigned by the chapter lead


UNRIVALED by itself may be displayed on any promotional items like clothing or stickers. The full member banner and the member numbers will only be displayed by MEMBERS.


The vote will be conducted for 24hours and the results will be sent to the club lead for club vote. Chapters will not submit their vote until they have the vote open for 24hrs or receive 100% reply.

Internal prospect votes are conducted by individual chapters.

prospects will be voted in as members under the following manner at the chapter level:

All categories will be voted on by each member with a total score out of ten. Then multiply each category by the number of members that voted for example if you have 8 members who voted each category will be out of 800
For a total of 4,000 if they score a 3,000 or higher they are in.

Required total score: 75% approval or more

Looks: -/10
Performance: -/10
Sound system: -/10
Originality: -/10
Member participation: -/10
Total: -/50

For a member vote when a prospect is ready your chapter lead tell the prospect that they feel they are ready for a club vote, the prospect will let the chapter lead know when they want the club vote to start. the chapter lead will then push the prospect to vote and if passed the chapter lead will push the results to the club lead at which time the prospect will go up for club vote. If a prospect does not pass 3 club Level votes and has been a prospect for at least 6months you will be demoted to associate. after the 1st vote you will be re-voted on at the chapter level, if your score does not improve you will be demoted back to associate, if it does improve then you can continue to conduct votes until a passing level is obtained (3 total) then you will be made a member at the white level.


Members WILL provide payment of their banner and dues. Money will not be used to purchase member banners this is seen as your final commitment and excitement to join the club officially

Member dues are $10/month
Prospect dues are $5/month

Every dime of how dues are spent is voted on by each chapter to include all their members a minimum of 70% approval and response from the chapter is required before dues can be spent, half of member dues goes to the club to support special events, websites, apparel and so on the spending of club dues are voted on by the 5 founding fathers. Dues are not collected for deployments or training over 30days. Chapter leads can exclude dues for up to 6months for special circumstances, failure to pay dues in full after 3 months without permission from chapter lead results in your suspension and club lead will investigate for removal. All associates will be approved and added by the chapter lead.


Personal social media pages are obviously not controlled by the club but use discretion if you are sticking up for a post that was negative towards the club the only comment to be made will be "please contact our club lead Joshua hasting for any concerns regarding the club". You can post to your chapters fb page but if you post something that makes a negative image for the club you will no longer be able to post. We will be professional online!
If a member purchases a new vehicle or sells the original vehicle they were voted in with they will remain a member and still have voting power but their new vehicle must be voted in internally by chapter and then by the club level with all logo display rules in place on that vehicle IE no sticker till your in


Club lead has the power to remove members, and ban members. The club lead has the power to grant immediate membership without vote on special circumstance. The club lead and founders have the power to push someone to immediate vote. The removal of inactive chapters can only happen after club vote (no internal vote needed For these actions). approval of special requests, and small matters that do not affect the club as a whole can be made via private chat. 18-20years of age will only be voted in at chapter level if the chapter lead blesses off on it. Nobody under the age of 18 can become anything higher than an associate.